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Why Your Gaming Rig Is Actually A Badass Space Heater As Well. Another Reason to Invest in a Gaming PC.

We all want a gaming rig that’s fast, looks badass, and kicks ass in the graphical department.   Additionally, a quiet liquid cooled gaming computer is ideal because of how quiet it is.

Now, we don’t pay a cheap price for gaming PCs.  Budget gaming PCs that have decent performance usually start in the 500s, and mid to high range PCs can range from 800-2000+$.

There are gaming PCs out there that cost thousands of dollars, made by big name brands such as Alienware.

We here believe that a gaming PC in the 800-1200$ range typically provides the most ideal ROI in gaming performance an longevity.  A PC like this usually runs for 3-4 years without becoming outdated or slow.

There’s actually another secret reason why gaming PCs are worth it.  They are also excellent heat producers that outperform space heaters.  A high end gaming PC is essentially a heat producing monster that can easily replace a space heater in your computer room.

According to a test by PugetSystems, a high end gaming PC with an Intel 6 core i7 processor, and 3 Nvidia GTX Titan’s, and a 1050 watt power supply, actually ended up generating more heat than a space heater on a 1 on 1 trial.  While it may be a bad idea to buy 10 high end PCs to heat up your whole home(unless you’re Gabe Newell and swimming in money, it may be a good idea).  However if you do have a Gaming PC on your room you can just use that to replace your space heater and save up a bit of cash while keep yourself toasty and warm.

If you’re really looking to improve your electrical efficiency, you would avoid space heaters altogether since they use huge amounts of electricity.  Transfer Electric, a local licensed Toronto electrician advises its customers to avoid space heaters completely, and instead use central heating instead which is far more efficient.

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