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These Incredibly Wonderful Interior Painting Palletes Were Inspired by Video Games

There’s no questioning the impact of video games on people, but did you know they have also influenced the painting and design industry? Yes, video games now serve as inspiration for painters, and they can inspire you too.

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Diablo 3

Want something dark and gothic? You should go for the Diablo 3 look with black, dark orange shades as well as varying purple hues. If you want to add variety go for some earth tones and fiery shades to keep the theme going. And just to keep it real, make sure your home has plenty of genuine wood and houseplants to match the colors.

Plants Vs. Zombies

If you want to take the earthy theme further but want something a bit lighter, the Plants vs. Zombies interior painting will be just right. For natural looking living rooms and bedrooms, plant green shades should do nicely along with some greys and browns to soften the tone.

Adding that Nintendo Touch

Nintendo of course, has always been associated with brightly colored characters like Mario and Pikachu, so it’s no surprise that painters have turned to these classic characters for inspiration. Your color palette should be comprised of reds, yellows and oranges and a bit of grey as well to neutralize some of the brighter shades. With the right mix and match, these colors will be perfect for a gaming room or a child’s bedroom.

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for compiling this list.

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