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How To Play Halo 4

Halo: Combat Evolved revamped the first-person shooter genre of games much the same way as Half Life 2 revolutionized it. Halo 4 further pushed the iconic visual style and challenging AI of enemies, while still polishing the amazing gunplay and the design of environments and enemies. However, it’s the first Halo game not developed by Bungie, and the story is focused on the Forerunner aspect of the Halo universe.

Different Gameplay Modes

Master Chief Halo 4The single-player campaign still remains the cornerstone of Halo 4 shooter, while introducing new enemies as the Forerunner background of the Halo universe is finally explored. Along with split screen, Halo 4 greatly extended the multiplayer. Previous instalments featured a rehashing of single-player maps, but Halo 4 built them from the ground up specifically to increase the frenzied action of multi-player combat. Furthermore, the 343 Industries cleverly integrated multiplayer into the storyline by designing it as a War Games simulation.

The entire gaming industry is moving in the direction of online multiplayer shooter action where also online slot machines are adapting in the same direction. A great example is theĀ iron man slot by playtech where rumours say they will also develop a halo slot machine. That may be unfortunate for some, but Halo 4 saw the trend coming by introducing a number of frustration-reducing features. Chief among them being the Random Ordnance mechanic, which prevented players from spawning at fixed weapon and equipment spawns. This greatly increased the dynamism of gameplay and increased the importance of player skill.

Halo 4 Is Still Relevant

Halo: Combat Evolved still holds out to this day. That goes double for Halo 4, with its modern and smooth visuals, tweaked gunplay mechanics, and new enemies that were not previously present in the series. Also, if you loved the Cortana character, you cannot pass Halo 4. You will find the relationship between Cortana and Master Chief reach its culmination, and it is one of the best stories written in modern gaming.

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