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Halo: The Flood

Halo: The Flood is a military science fiction book set in the universe of Halo series of video games. Like the game Halo: Combat Evolved that it’s based on, the book follows the titular hero, Master Chef, while he’s helping human ship Pillar of Autumn go into Slipspace and lead the Covenant away from Earth.

An In-depth Look At The World of Halo

the flood haloIn the second of the Halo books series, the author gives his unique take on the video game novelization, closely following the plot of the game, while simultaneously managing to offer a deeper insight into the Halo video games universe. Engaging fight scenes and the pressing dangerous setting of a race against time with plenty new and dangerous enemies makes this an interesting reading experience.

Master Chief vs The Flood

Read this book to find out more about the Flood, what they are, and what they mean in the world of this video game, Follow Master Chef and Cortana as they try to save the captured ship, Pillar of Autumn, and the surviving humans from a new and mysterious alien threat, and, maybe, save the entire mankind along the way.

Combat Evolved, The Stakes Higher

In this, second installment of the acclaimed book series based on the Halo video games, the reader gets to follow Master Chef and Cortana as they take on a new threat, known as the Flood, along with their well-known enemy, the aliens known as Covenant. What starts as just the battle for survival ends up being a mission that the fate of mankind depends on.

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