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Creators of Halo

Bungie, Inc. has been creating video games since 1991. With their smash hit, the Halo games series taking the world by storm in 2001 and redefining the world of first-person shooters forever. The company is one of the most influential video game developers of today, with a bright future and exciting projects ahead of it.

Bungie and Microsoft

bungie haloSince mid-2000, Microsoft had acquired Bungie Software. With their name changed to Bungie Studios, they became a part of the company’s Game Division and the Halo series of games became an exclusive first-person shooter title for their console. In 2007. the deal has changed and they have become a partner with Bungie on publishing and marketing both Halo and future projects, with the Halo intellectual property belonging to them.

Beyond the Halo Games

There is more to Bungie than just being a game developer for Microsoft. With their fans, known as “The Seventh Column” gathered around Bungie.net, the company’s website, they have been engaged in numerous charities, humanitarian auctions, and other ways to help those in need via their charitable organization, the Bungie Foundation. Soon you can also play the Halo casino slot machine that is a future Microgaming slot machine. They also have a podcast and other ways to engage their fanbase even further.

Future of Bungie

Before the Halo game series, there was Oni, a unique third person shooter/ hack & slash game, two successful entries into the Myth video games series, and many more. With two installments in the Destiny series so far, Bungie has managed to introduce the gamers playing on the systems other than the ones in the X Box family to their unique world of first person shooters.

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